We are a professional home buying company who is willing to purchase your house quickly in Scranton, PA in as little as seven days using our own private cash reserves, and we will make you a fair offer in less than 24 hours, and allow you some time to think it over before finally deciding to make the leap to close on the deal and move onto the next phase in the home buying process: sending the contracts over to a local title company, who will then perform a title commitment report on the property to check for any liens or judgements, and then once it has been cleared, they will set the date for sometime in the near future where the wire transfer can be accepted into escrow and the deal can be finally closed.

Companies Who Buy Houses Fast In Scranton, PA

If you are a local home owner who is interested in liquidating their house quickly for fast cash in Scranton, PA then we would like to speak to you immediately, and you can even get a free quote on your home instantly by calling or texting one of our customer service reps right now at (215) 882-9828 and they will ask you a series of questions to quickly determine what course of action is best to help you sell your home instantly without having to pay any repair costs, closing costs, realtor commissions, or any other out of pocket, up front expenses.