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Do You Have To Sell Your New York City House Fast?  We Buy NYC Houses In 7 – 10 Days Cash!

Rapid Home Liquidation is the number one home buying company in New York City, NY and we are willing to buy any house no matter what condition it’s in.  We buy homes that need a ton of repair work including roof damage, foundation damage, mold, rotten decks, leaking roofs, asbestos properties, inherited properties and probate, and more.  If you are ready to sell your NYC house today for cash then please give us a call or text directly at (215) 882-9828 to get a free quote from one of our professional home buying reps.

We will buy your New York City house cash in 7 days!

Our company will pay cash for your NYC house in 7 – 10 business days and we can provide an instant cash offer instantly over the phone in less than 10 minutes once we have gathered some preliminary information about your property such as the address along with the estimated cost of repairs.  It doesn’t matter how ugly your New York City house is, we can still buy it as-is because our team of contractors can rehab the property until it is able to be relisted back on the market.  Sometimes we can even close on homes in one week because we pay cash and are the most reliable home buyer in the city of New York.

How Do We Buy NYC Houses So Fast?

  1. We use cash.  Since we buy houses with cash we are able to close extremely fast on any house in New York City which allows you to liquidate your property in days instead of months.
  2. We buy as-is.  Since we buy NYC houses as-is then you won’t have to spend any of your own cash on getting the property fixed up so it can be listed.  Selling as-is allows you to sell immediately since you won’t be delayed with extensive repairs.
  3. No brokers.  Since we are cash buyers we never have to use any brokers in any of our transactions.  This allows us to close much faster than using the traditional process of listing your home on the market with a licensed real estate agent.
  4. We have a strong network.  We have developed a strong network of cash buyers, investors, JV partners, agents, attorneys, probate specialists, closing agents, mortgage underwriters, and other real estate professionals in New York City who are able to assist us in closing on properties in the shortest time frame humanly possible.
  5. We cover all closing costs.  Since we pay for all closing costs and other fees we are able to get the transaction closed extremely fast without any delays.  Compare this with listing your home on the open market with an agent where you will be responsible for paying a large number of fees.

We Can Buy Your House In New York City Fast!

Our cash buying investors in NYC can buy your house in its current condition in 10 days or less without you having to pay any closing costs or go through any brokers.  Our team of house flippers operates our company in a very professional manner and we are dedicated to proving that on a day to day basis as we run our business.  If you are ready to get an instant cash offer on your NYC property right now then please give us a call or text at (215) 882-9828 and we’ll be more than happy to provide that information to you.

Places In New York City That We Buy Houses In

  • Manhattan.
  • Brooklyn.
  • Queens.
  • The Bronx.
  • Staten Island.

A lot of local home buying companies will make extremely low offers because they have to factor in lending fees and high repair costs.  Our company makes higher offers because we work with private contractors and we never use lenders in any of our deals.

What Types Of Houses Do We Buy In NYC?

  • Probate/Inheritance.  We buy houses that have been inherited and need to be sold extremely fast without making repairs or waiting around to have showings and look for qualified buyers.
  • Extensive repairs.  We buy homes that are in poor condition and need a lot of repairs to get back up to market value.  We specialize in ugly homes that need a lot of work because we have local contractors who are able to get materials for below retail cost.
  • Back taxes.  If you owe back taxes and need to sell quickly then you should definitely consider selling to a professional home buying company because we can make you a cash offer that includes paying off your entire tax bill and we can close in 7 days!
  • Bad tenants.  If you have a rental property in the city that has bad tenants and you would like to simply sell it to avoid having to deal with any further headaches then you might want to at least consider the option of selling to a local house flipper.

Sell Your NYC House Fast To An Investor Today!

If you’re ready to take the next step and get a fair cash offer on your property today then please give our investment team a call or text at (215) 882-9828 to speak with one of our live agents.  Our investment company will buy your house in its current condition in 10 days and we’ll pay all of the closing costs and other fees.  We don’t use any middlemen or brokers in any of the transactions that we participate in so you won’t be responsible for paying any listing fees or commissions.  We are the actual buyer in the transaction so you won’t have to waste time looking for a qualified buyer who is approved and has the minimum credit score required to borrow the funds to purchase the home.

If you are ready to take the next step by getting a free quote on your home today then please fill out the form at the top of the page to get in touch with one of our customer service representatives who will be able to provide you with a quote on your home in less than 10 minutes.