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Sell Your House Fast In Mount Pocono, PA

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Do You Need To Sell Your Mount Pocono House Fast?  We Buy Mount Pocono Homes In 7 – 10 Days Cash!

If you are searching for the fastest method to liquidate your house in Mount Pocono, PA for quick cash then please reach out to us immediately via call or text at (215) 882-9828 for a free quote on your home.  We buy unwanted, distressed properties in Mount Pocono and the surrounding areas of Monroe County in Pennsylvania.  Our company buys houses in any condition no matter how much work they need to get relisted back on the open market and sold to a retail buyer.  Our work is highly rewarding because we know that we are contributing each day to the revitalization of the infrastructure of our society by rebuilding single family homes one property at a time.   Please either fill out the form at the top of the page or click on the live chat box to speak with one of our live customer service agents right away who will be able to provide you with an instant cash offer.

We buy Mount Pocono homes fast with cash in 7 – 10 business days without realtors.

We buy homes in any condition in 7 – 10 days and we can pay cash for your house without you even putting up any of your own funds to cover closing costs.  We handle everything too, from the paperwork to wiring in the funds through ACH deposit to be held in escrow by the closing agent until the date and time of closing arrive.  First, we agree on the price verbally or through email and then the next step is to sign the purchase and sale agreement and then forward those signed documents over to the closing agent at the title company where they will set the closing date according to the closing instructions provided along with the contract.  If you have any questions about the closing time-frame or how and when you will receive the money then you can coordinate those details directly with the closing agent at the title company right over the phone or through email, however you prefer.

Main Reasons To Sell My Mount Pocono House To An Investor

  • Close in less than 30 days.  The main reason that would force a homeowner to want to sell their home in under 30 days is if they need to close immediately and cash out without having to invest any more time, money, or other resources into the property.  If you don’t need to close in 30 days or less then you should probably just list the property on the market with an agent and see how much you can get.
  • Investors buy houses as-is.  As investors, we buy houses in the Poconos without the owner having to fix it up at all with their own funds.  We are willing to buy houses that are distressed and need a ton of repair work before they can be relisted back on the market with a licensed realtor.  Realtors will usually take several weeks or even months to sell your home, so if you want to move it quicker than that then you should probably at least consider selling it directly to a private investment firm such as us here at Rapid Home Liquidation.
  • Avoid paying monthly holding costs.  One thing that a lot of homeowners overlook when they are weighing the pros and cons of listing with an agent vs. selling to an investor is the monthly holding costs that will no longer have to be paid once the property has been sold.  These monthly recurring costs include homeowner’s insurance, property taxes, utility costs, and other bills that occur regularly and need to be paid out on a monthly basis.  When you sell for fast cash these bills no longer have to be paid, so please keep that in mind.
  • We buy in nearby areas as well.  In addition to the Pocono Mountains, we also buy houses in the nearby areas of Monroe County, PA such as Tobyhanna, Paradise Valley, Swiftwater, Henryville, Long Pond, and Reeders.  If you have a home in one of these areas and you would like to receive a no obligation, fair cash offer immediately then please get in touch with us by filling out the form at the top of the page to get an offer within 48 hours directly to your email.

For more information on selling your house for fast cash in this area of Pennsylvania please read our other page.

We Buy Poconos Houses In One Week Or Less With Cash

We are a private investment company who is able to get you a fair cash offer on your desk in less than 20 minutes once we have been given your property address along with the estimated cost of repairs for your home.  If you have had a licensed contractor stop by and give you a free estimate then we would love to see those as well.  We would also like to see any recent appraisals or listing recommendations that you have received from any realtors/brokers who were suggesting retail prices for your property.  This will allow us to quickly estimate how much cash we can buy your home for because we can typically pay around 80% of the full market value minus the estimated cost of repairs.  For example, if you have a $100,000 home that needs $20,000 worth of repair work then our cash offer would come in at around $60,000.  $100,000 x 80%  = $80,000 – $20,000 = $60,000.

Selling your home for fast cash in the Poconos can be a difficult, time-consuming task if you don’t have the resources available to enable to you liquidate the property in the time-frame that works for you and your family.  When it comes down to the wire and you need a professional company who can execute transactions without any delays or complications then you want someone reliable and honest like Rapid Home Liquidation.  We buy Poconos houses in 7 – 10 days using our own private cash reserves and we buy homes in as-is condition so the homeowner doesn’t have to worry about investing any of their own cash into the property in order to get it sold.  We buy homes in any condition and at any price in the Pocono Mountains and we don’t involve any real estate agents or brokers in any of our deals so there are never any listing fees or commissions due by the seller at closing.  Contact us today for a no obligation, fair cash offer right away!

If you are still confused as to how we use our custom home buying formula to analyze deals then please get in touch with us through phone, text, chat, or email and one of our customer service reps will be able to answer any of your questions that you may have.