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Sell Your House Fast In Erie, PA

No Fees. No Commissions. Sell as is for cash in as little as one week.

You’ll Get A Fair Offer – You Choose The Closing Date. We Pay All Costs!

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Need To Sell Your House Fast In Erie, PA?  We Buy Erie Houses Fast In 7 – 10 Days With Cash!

Do you want to sell your house fast in Erie, PA in 7 – 10 days without paying any closing costs or realtor fees?  Our home buying company will purchase your house fast in as little as one week in its current condition.  We will also cover all of the closing costs as outlined in the purchase and sale agreement that we will send over to you via DocuSign in an electronic envelope.  Erie, PA is one of the main places in PA where we buy houses because it’s a populous city that has a lot of opportunities to fix and flip homes in this area.  We are actively searching for 2 – 3 properties per month to flip in this area of PA so please get in touch with us immediately if you have one available.

If you want to get a cash offer on your Erie house right now then give us a text or call at (215) 882-9828 to speak with one of our home buying reps who can provide you with an instant quote.

We are experienced investors who purchase multiple properties per month in Erie and the surrounding areas of Pennsylvania and we look forward to working with you next.  We buy houses in any condition and at any price no matter how much repair work they need to get back up to full value.  We are experts at renovating houses and fixing them back up into sellable condition because we have been doing this professionally for several years.  We look forward to seeing how our company can add value to your life by purchasing your home for cash in 7 – 10 days and alleviating the stresses of having to take your house on the market, which is getting more frustrating by the year it seems.

Selling your house to an investor in Erie can be a fast way to cash out and get rid of your property without having to deal with agents and showings.  Sometimes being able to close fast is much better for some people who prefer a more private, reliable funding solution.  Sure, you can usually get more if you list a home on the market, but that’s not for everyone.  Investors buy houses that need work or owe back taxes or have mold or fire damage.  We buy houses in any condition and we can make you a cash offer in less than 20 minutes once we have gathered some basic details about your home.

Main Benefits Of Selling To An Investor

  • Cash offers good for 30 days.  Investors buy houses using their own cash so it can be very convenient when dealing with them compared to listing on the open market with agents.
  • Investors buy houses as-is.  When you try to list your home with an agent the very first thing they will ask you to do is make a long list of repairs to the house.  If you are willing to spend thousands then this could be a good option.  If you’d much rather sell quickly and cash out then dealing with an investor could be a better plan, depending on your current situation.
  • No commissions or listing fees.  Since we buy houses with our own cash and we don’t involve brokers or agents you will not have to pay any commissions or listing fees when you sell directly to an investment firm such as us here at Rapid Home Liquidation.
  • Great for special circumstances.  If you are dealing with special circumstances such as inheriting a home, dealing with foreclosure, going through a divorce, dealing with bad tenants, or you owe back taxes, then you might be able to see the benefits to using our home buying service to cash out your property in days instead of weeks.
  • Avoid taking your house on the market.  The most beneficial reason perhaps to sell your home directly to an investor instead of taking it on the market is that you can completely avoid having to go through the painful process of listing your home and trying desperately to find a qualified buyer.  Anyone who has ever put their house up for sale through an agent knows about the frustrations that we are discussing here, and this is probably the number one reason why people choose to sell to investors instead of listing on the market.

We Buy Erie Houses Fast In 7 – 10 Days!

We will buy any Erie PA house fast in 7 – 10 business days with our own cash based on a specific home buying formula that we have developed over the years to streamline the process.  Our goal is to make offers and close deals on the fastest timeline humanly possible and make it as easy as possible for our sellers.  We know that the reason sellers choose to go with an investor is because of their speed, reliability, and flexibility.  We are the fastest, most reliable, and most flexible home buying company in Erie, PA and we will buy any house fast in 7 – 10 days!

Most of the houses we buy in Erie need a lot of work and would be considered “distressed properties”.  But we also buy unwanted houses as well with tall grass and poor siding and roofing.  Our contractors are able to fix any type of damage in days at a highly affordable cost, which is why we are able to offer much higher payouts to our clients when we buy Erie houses for cash.

We buy houses in any condition in Erie, PA and we close fast and cover all of the closing costs!  Most of the other real estate companies who pay cash for houses in Erie will only pay for half of the closing costs in the transactions that they participate in.  Compare that with the extraordinarily friendly customer service policies of Rapid Home Liquidation, where we even reveal the strategies of our competition with brutal honesty given to our clients.  We tell people exactly what we would want to hear if it were us in their position.  Our process is completely transparent and we share our exact formulas and numbers with our sellers so they can see how we arrived at our figures.

We will pay cash for your distressed house in Erie, PA even if it’s in poor condition with ugly windows and chipped siding.  We don’t care what condition your property is in because our team of contractors will repair it and get it back up to full market value.  We have many options when it comes to getting work done because we have been fixing and flipping homes for years.  We specialize in single family homes that need a lot of work done to them before they can be relisted back on the market.