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No Fees. No Commissions. Sell as is for cash in as little as one week.

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If you are ready to get a fair cash offer on your Delaware property right now then please call or text our Philly office at (215) 882-9828 and one of our home buying specialists will take down your property information and provide you with an instant free quote in less than five minutes.  To get your free quote, all you have to do is fill out the form at the top of this page or simply click on the live chat box in the bottom corner of the screen to speak with one of our home buying experts who can give you a number in less than five minutes with some very basic information.

We are the best company who buys unwanted, dilapidated houses quickly for cash in Delaware and the surrounding area in as little as seven days, so please feel free to get in touch with our organization today and we will make you a fair cash offer on your property in less than five minutes once we have some basic information about its current condition and the actual cost of repairs that will be required in order to fix it up to marketable condition.

We purchase homes in Wilmington and all surrounding major cities and suburbs, so please fill out the form at the top of this page and one of our home buying representatives will contact you with a risk-free quote in under 24 hours.  It doesn’t matter how much you owe on the mortgage, or how much money it’s going to cost to get the home up to it’s highest market value, we are still interested in buying it in the shortest time frame possible.

Reasons To Sell Fast To An Investor Include:

  • Fast closings without delays.  Since we pay cash and can close extremely fast on our own timeline, there are no delays throughout the transaction like when you list your home on the open market through a licensed agent.
  • No commissions or fees.  Since there will be no real estate agents involved in the transaction, you won’t be forced to pay any commissions or fees on the deal, allowing you to put more cash back in your pocket and avoid giving it all away to the agents who are only out for themselves (generally speaking).
  • No mortgage underwriters.  Another huge benefit of being able to sell your home directly to a private real estate investment company is that you won’t have to deal with any mortgage underwriters whatsoever throughout the entire home selling process, and that will save you a great deal of stress and anxiety.
  • Fewer headaches and hassles.  Since we are a private company, we are able to offer our clients much more flexible terms than if they listed the property on the open market with an actual real estate agent.  We are not agents, and we do not list homes.  We pay cash and we can close quickly…sometimes even as fast as seven days if all conditions are right and we can line all of the pieces of the puzzle up correctly.

Companies Who Buy Houses Cash In Delaware

sell house fast delawareWe buy unwanted houses in Delaware in any condition and at any price, and we can close fast, sometimes even as fast as one week without you having to put any of your own cash up front to pay for listing fees or closing costs.  If this sounds like something that you might be interested in then please get in touch with us via call or text at our Philly office – (215) 882-9828 and someone from our team will be more than happy to assist you.  Our home buying company operates much faster than most companies, and we are able to provide you with a true one-on-one personable experience.

The main reason why we excel so much further than our competitors is because we are able to make fast cash offers in less than five minutes simply by taking a look at and other similar valuation tools that will give us an estimation of how much your property will be worth once we have fully renovated it by repairing all necessary issues using our advanced team of general contractors.  On top of that, we actually run our company based on a very strict code of ethics to the point where we refuse to take advantage of vulnerable sellers who are in tough life situations.  In fact, our goal is to actually help these people in any way possible.

How We Buy Houses For Cash In Delaware

First, we will send one of our home buying specialists out to the property to estimate the true cost of repairs and take a look at some of the recently sold homes in the area to see if we can accurately determine the market value of the house once all of the repairs have been completed.  We will then use our proprietary home buying formula to run those first two numbers by using a specific percentage of the full market value minus the estimated repair costs that we figured out in step 1.

Once we run this home buying formula and subtract the estimated repair costs from the after repair value that will give us our final cash offer which we will then present to you in written or verbal form, and then allow you some time to think it over and discuss it with your friends and family to see if it’s a good option for you at this point in time.