How To Sell A House With Code Violations In Philly

If you have a house with code violations and you are looking to sell it right away to avoid the hassle of dealing with the constant bombardment with fines and notices from the city enforcement units.  Many people simply don’t have the time or money to maintain a property and keep it up to date and compliant with modern code that is constantly being changed and added to each year by the city of Philadelphia.  If you’re like most homeowners, and you have an unwanted house that is causing you stress, you’d much rather drop all of the nonsense and sell the home fast for cash in as little as seven days.

If you are familiar with how a cash real estate transaction works, and you would like to skip this article and get a fair cash offer on your property right now then please give us a text or call at (215) 882-9828 and someone from our team will provide you with an instant free quote on your home.

Home Purchasing Professionals

Our professional home buying company Rapid Home Liquidation will buy your house fast in under one week, and you will walk away from the closing table with a check in your hand and a smile on your face, guaranteed.  Our program works extremely simple and straight-forward, and anyone can understand it.  Basically we take 75 % of your homes full value (after repair value) and we subtract out the estimated cost of repairs to get our cash number.  This formula allows us to effectively manage our risk in the situation, and ensure that we will have some ground to stand on if there are unexpected costs that arise, or we aren’t able to sell the home for the price we were initially thinking when doing the first estimates.  That’s why we allow this buffer in there, because there always needs to be some wiggle room.

Think about it from our perspective.

Why We Buy Ugly Houses?

  • To make money.  Look, we’ll be 100% up front and honest, we are in this to make money, which is why we use a specific formula to determine the maximum amount of cash we can pay for a particular property.
  • To rent out.  Some of the houses we buy in Philly end up as rentals, and we will fix them up and rent them out to tenants in the local area.  Homes in Philly can rent anywhere from
  • To fix and flip.  This is one of the most common things that we do with a house, is fix it up by making all of the necessary repairs to get it up to full market value, and then sell it on the open market for a profit.
  • To sell to our partners.  If a property isn’t an ideal fit of what our company is looking for, then we may end up referring the deal to one of our real estate investing partners in the area who are also interested in making money by rehabbing properties.  We are 100% transparent about everything we do, and we will let you know immediately if we are going to refer you to a partner or not.

For more information on selling your Philly house fast please read How Much Does We Buy Ugly Houses Pay Philly?

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If you like the sound of our professional home buying program, and are interested in possibly working with us, and you are ready to take the next step to see how much cash we’d be willing to offer you for your home, then please give us a call or text right now at (215) 882-9828 and someone from our team will analyze your property and situation, estimate the repairs, pull comps, and then provide you with a risk free offer in a matter of minutes.  We are real estate professionals who can analyze and determine the value of any property in the country in seconds, so we are highly confident that we can make you a fair, no BS offer on your home and close in as little as one week.  If you are ready to skip the hassle and sell your code violation house today then please click the live chat button in the lower right-hand corner of the screen and one of our representatives will assist you.


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